Tank Services was formed to provide anti-corrosion services including blasting and coating of oil well tank batteries and pump jacks during the Ohio oilfield boom in 1974. Since then, our industry and geographic footprint has grown substantially and we now provide customer-tailored anti-corrosion solutions designed to protect and preserve vital assets for the following industries:

We are a field specialty coatings applicator and cathodic protection provider serving customers across the Appalachian Basin, the Midwest, the Mid-South, and the Mid-Atlantic regions.

Service Overview and Advantages

The goal at Tank Services is to increase the life-span of customer assets with spray and manually applied industrial coatings. Our talented staff can tailor effective coating solutions to meet all of our customers’ needs. Effective coating systems require high quality surface preparation to protect the asset and to extend the life of the coating system. Our well trained staff begins with thorough surface preparation to clean and roughen the substrate in accordance with customer specifications and to ensure the coating will properly adhere to the asset. With over 40 years of experience working in the field and under a variety of conditions, Tank Services possesses the experience and expertise to deliver a high quality and effective work product. Investing in protective coatings isn’t only about improved appearance and longevity, it’s also about safety. Safety is our number one priority, and we have established very successful and effective safety programs and initiatives within our organization. For a complete list of what we can provide, please see our Services Overview and Field Atmospheric Coating pages.

Company Licensures, Affiliations & Certifications

Tank Services maintains annual licensures, affiliations and certifications: