Field Atmospheric Coating

Field Atmospheric Coating

Field atmospheric coating is at the heart of Tank Services. Since 1974, we have been protecting energy assets and infrastructure throughout the Midwest, Northeast, and Mid-South. Choosing the proper coating system requires a comprehensive understanding of the environment and conditions that the asset will be subject to. Given our significant experience applying coatings in the field we have developed solutions and employed coating systems that have been effective in the most challenging environments.

We have also focused on continuously improving and maintaining high quality standards relating to the work we perform for our customers, implementing inspection reports and checklists to be completed in the field by our Field Supervisors along with establishing an internal inspection program. Many of our field employees have completed the KTA-Tator three-day Basic Coatings Inspection Training program.

Atmospheric Coating

Our experience in atmospheric coating goes all the way back to the 1970s. During that time, we’ve used our extensive experience and technical know-how to increase the lifespan of essential pieces of infrastructure, including gas line bridge crossings, compressor stations, piping, tank batteries, vaults, and entire buildings. Atmospheric coating begins with comprehensive and thorough preparatory phase and ends with an internal inspection to ensure we hit our marks.