Field Recoat Services

Field Recoat Services

Gas pipelines require periodic maintenance to remain safe and in compliance. Whether it’s a small area of concern or several thousand feet of pipe, recoating existing pipelines can extend the useful life of the pipe while avoiding the high costs associated with replacement.

One-Stop Recoating Service

Our turnkey approach includes excavation and restoration, asbestos abatement and blasting and coating the pipeline using a plural component machine. We also conduct anomaly digs, clock spring installation, and line location. Single-source companies like Tank Services reduce turnaround time as well as cost and ensure that the project stays on track.

Our recoat service begins with pipeline excavation, moves on to remediation, and ends with site reclamation to return the area to its original appearance.

Consistent Quality

We use the same dedication and care on recoating projects as we do with every other service we provide. Our commitment to quality begins with surface preparation as this is the most critical step in determining the long term viability of a protective coating system. Our NACE certified project managers will be on site throughout the course of the project to ensure the safe delivery of a high quality work product.